Indexing Troubles? Check Your Url’s

Battling the dynamic URL…….

Today database driven (dynamic sites) are very popular. Nowadays, most people selling products online use dynamic pages. Dynamic pages are created using programming languages like CGI, ASP, PHP, Perl and Cold Fusion. The easiest way to tell if your websites URL’s are dynamic is to look for the inclusion of question marks, equal signs, percentage signs, and ampersands etc.

(= ? & % + $ cgi-bin  .cgi )

Here is an example of a dynamically generated URL:

Database Driven Content is very Easy to Update

Website owners who have very large website or 1,000’s of products love database driven content as it is very easy to update information. If they used static webpages updating information would take a very long time.Using dynamic URL’s may be more efficient for the web developer but what about search engines? If you’re expecting to be found online, be ready for a rude awakening.

Search Engine’s Have Trouble Indexing Dynamic URL’s

For the most part search engines dislike Dynamic URL’s, the more dynamic characters in the URL string, the harder it is for a search engine spider to crawl.I am not saying that they WON’T be crawled (I have seen long dynamic URLs come up in search results) but your chances are slim. Best practice for search engine optimization has always been the shorter and the less complicated the URL is, the better. 

I Have Dynamic URL’s, Now What?

For the rest of you who have very long URL’s, before dumping your very expensive website to start over again I would recommend re-writing your URL’s. There are many tools available on the web for you to use. The most popular tool today is one from the webmaster-toolkit it’s called the “RewriteRuleGenerator” tool. This tool will take your dynamic URL and change the syntax. The end result is your URL will look static/short and be readable by the search engines.


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